Joining Fees

Your payment will help fund legal action and lobbying of regulatory authorities that will be coordinated by the CVDPA now and in the future. We are not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers and led by Dr Arthur Pape. You can be assured that any contributions you make will be used wisely and in accordance with our Mission Statement.

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All membership levels have a perpetual validity, with different status levels that recognise your generosity towards the cause.

The minimum suggested donation level is $30 which entitles you to a Bronze membership. However, you are welcome to contribute as much as you can afford and we would encourage you to do so. It is also possible to upgrade your membership status at a later stage if you wish.

Realistically, any future legal challenges will likely be some years away and will ultimately require many hundreds of thousands of dollars in order for us to have an effective worldwide campaign, so please consider giving generously. If you have any concerns or queries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why Join?

Colour Vision Defective (CVD) individuals feel shattered when told to forget their dreams of ever becoming a pilot. They feel isolated and powerless. For decades they have had no one to turn to. They face what seem insurmountable obstacles blocking their path to a flying career.

This need not be the case for much longer. The Colour Vision Defective Pilots Association (CVDPA) is equipped to tackle this profoundly unjust discrimination head on. With the successes won in Australia by CVDPA Founder, Dr Arthur Pape, many pilots have progressed to previously undreamed of levels of participation in their most precious careers.

The Australian experience can be used as a shining light and a precedent to other countries. Where ignorance still persists our experience can enlighten. While brute power fuels regulatory authorities around the world, our combined efforts stand the greatest chance of prevailing.

However, nothing can happen if the cause of natural justice is left to individuals. We must all work together in unison and together we can change our destiny. We need members to become actively involved in promoting, lobbying and growing our organisation. Do you have a special skill or area of expertise that could be useful to us? We would love to hear from you!

How to Give Support?

We know much about what needs to be done and it is going to take lots of resources to do it. Money is the most valuable starting point, however we also need people power in order for us to grow as an organisation, formulate plans, lobby governments and prove that we are a real and formidable force. We invite you to join as a CVDPA member for as little as $30 so that you too can be part of this important campaign.

Our website will have appeal to potentially millions of readers. With 9% of males and 0. 7% of females suffering from a form of CVD, many of these persons will have experienced the solid wall of unjust discrimination. Even if only a small percentage of these persons care to become pilots, the target audience is enormous.

You don’t have to be a pilot in order to join – anyone is welcome to give support.

  • Are a ‘wanna-be’ pilot, but were told you could never fly because you’re ‘colour blind’?
  • Are you a parent or grandparent who has seen the anguish in your child at the devastating news of having had their dreams crushed?
  • Did you give up the dream of an aviation career long ago because you thought there was no hope?
  • Do you have normal colour vision, but reading this website has inspired you to help others who are being discriminated against?

Indeed, anyone help make a difference! If you believe that by uniting we can conquer - then please support us.

It would be foolish to make rash promises. No guarantees can be given as to future success. However one thing is for certain, that nothing will be gained if we do not create an organisation to represent us. The resources you provide us with through your subscription or donation will be used as part of a fighting fund to mount legal challenges around the world against the burden that is the Aviation Colour Perception Standard.

If you do not wish to join as a member, there is an option to donate directly.

Subscriber Benefits

You may already be a pilot, (Airline, Commercial, Private, Glider, Student or simply a prospective pilot) or you may be the parent of an aspiring young aviator - wondering about your or his/her future.

By joining you will have contributed to a fighting fund managed by Dr. Arthur Pape (Director of the CVDPA).

The CVDPA needs your help and in return we will work tirelessly to deliver change for the better of CVD pilots.

As a member, you will have direct access to Arthur Pape via the Members-Only Forum. There you will also meet other people just like yourself from airline captains to GA pilots to trainee pilots and future pilots from all over the world.

You will also have access to a collection of documents from more than 30 years of dedicated work. Some of this information is freely available for members and some is sensitive and will be released on an as-needed basis. Of course it would be unwise to disseminate the total game plan to those that oppose us. There is much material we can make available including analysis, court transcripts and detailed legal advice. All of this can be made available to subscribers of the CVDPA.

Arthur spends much of his spare time communicating with CVD pilots and currently he is coordinating two separate legal challenges (both in Australia and abroad). Legal action is costly so the sooner you join up the sooner we can get the next step completed. Please join and please spread the word.

Members Will Have Access To:

  • Moderated Forum hosted by Arthur Pape
  • CVD Regulations by Country - contributions welcome
Latest country specific news
  • Who's who: medical officials, ministers - proforma letters
  • You will receive briefings and progress updates from Arthur covering existing and new legal challenges in Australia and abroad.
CVDPA Documents
  • Court Proceedings - Pape
  • Court Proceedings - Denison
  • AAT Proceedings
  • Who's Who
  • Evidence
  • Expert Witness Statements
  • Affidavits
  • Correspondence to/from Aviation Authorities
  • Arthur Pape's Power-point Presentations